Company registration in Italy

Entrepreneurs who want to register a business in Italy must apply to the Chamber of Commerce’s Italian Business Register. The register is active in every province, which means that each Chamber of Commerce in the country has an office.

When you have the correct counsel, forming a company in Italy is a rather simple process. We can help you with the entire process of forming an Italian company in the shortest period feasible.

Corporate business structures in Italy

In general, foreign investors planning to conduct business in Italy can pick from a variety of legal business structures based on the company’s organizational style, commercial objectives, amount of money to be committed, responsibility extent, and tax and accounting implications.

Limited Liability Company

LLC is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, where the founders are only responsible for the capital invested in the company. We will take all required steps to establish an LLC in Italy.


Our experts will help you understand the registration process for your Partnership firm and will guide you through it in a professional manner.

Other formation solutions

Branch Office

Our experts assist in the formation and registration of the Branch Office. Press the button below to see our Branch registration solutions:

Holding Company

We assist investors from all over the world in establishing Holding Company in Italy, from start-up through expansion and growth.

Company registration requirements

The company’s goals and operations must be detailed. Company must have registered legal address. It will be necessary to determine the share capital and shareholding formula among shareholders.

Legal adress

Experts register the legal business address for your company in Italy by choosing the optimal site and submitting all required documents to the authorities.


We give our valued clients the most accurate and honest financial information possible through open communication, integrity, and secrecy, as well as an environment that fosters growth and surpasses expectations.

Corporate bank account

We will establish a corporate bank account for your company. We choose the best bank in Italy with a minimal interest rate for your business.

Consultation about Company registration

We offer competent and dependable business advising services to help individuals and businesses run more sustainably. We give important services in a timely and cost-effective manner by combining practical business advising services with our business backgrounds.

We also strive for excellence by delivering practical financial solutions to all of our clients while remaining accountable and responsive. Our principles, Integrity, Service, and Excellence, are reflected in our vision.

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