Limited liability Company in Italy

Limited Liability Company (abbreviated “S.r.l.” in Italian, Società a responsabilità limitata): This is a legal entity in which the members’ (shareholders’) interests are represented by shares. It could potentially be made up of a single shareholder.

The S.r.l. is frequently chosen by Italian entrepreneurs beginning a new business since the company’s assets are completely separate from those of its members, giving them the significant advantage of limiting their liability to the amount they contributed. In other words, the company’s creditors can only satisfy their claims up to the value of the company’s assets. Creditors are not permitted to pursue the assets of single members if the assets are insufficient.

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Limited liability Company registration conditions

A registered address in Italy is required for all limited liability companies, as well as at least one director and shareholder. Because of a recent modification in the law, there are no minimum legal capital requirements for the formation of a business (i.e., the share capital can start at € 1.00).


Registration takes about 2 weeks from the date of initiation to be completed.


It costs 2300 EUR to register Limited Liability Company in Italy. For our incorporation fees – contact us.

Compulsory regulation

The articles of incorporation must be signed by the shareholders in a public deed under Italian law. This necessitates the signing of the articles of the organization in front of a Notary Public.

A person who wants to form an Italian limited liability corporation has two options: either execute the articles of association himself or hire a special counsel.

It will be necessary to receive the Company VAT number (Partita Iva) from the Agenzia Delle Entrate once the Articles of Association have been completed. The request is submitted electronically, and the VAT number is normally issued the same day.


List of documents required to incorporate Limited Liability Company: 

  • Deed of incorporation, 
  • By-laws, 
  • Receipt of the payment in the corporate capital, 
  • Fiscal identification numbers, 
  • Powers of attorney, 
  • Excerpt from the company’s register, 
  • Miscellanea. 


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The law establishes a five-tax system: the imposta sul reddito (income tax), imposta sulle società (corporate tax), imposta sul valore aggiunto (VAT or sales tax), imposta sui servizi (service tax), and accise (excises).

Bank account

To open a corporate bank account in Italy, the bank will require proof of identity, proof of residence and paychecks. Create your bank account with the help of specialists who will choose the ideal bank for your business and arrange the necessary documents. Other banking options, such as personal and commercial banks, can be found here:

Other legal forms in Italy

The following are the several types of companies that can be formed in Italy:  

  • Partnership, 
  • Holding Company, 
  • Branch Office.

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