Holding Company in Italy

A holding company is a business that focuses on owning a controlling stake in the securities of other businesses. A holding business isn’t normally involved in the production of goods or services. Its goal is to build a corporate group by owning shares in other companies.

Holding companies are known as parent companies in several countries across the world because they can perform trading and other business activities in addition to holding stock in other companies.

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Setup a Holding Company

To form a holding company, we offer business incorporation and registration services. We provide the best registration and incorporation services so that you can effortlessly start running your business.

Holding company formation procedure

If you want to start a holding company, the first step is to learn about the procedure of forming the company in the state where it will be headquartered.

Choose a name for the holding corporation. Make sure the name is available with the secretary of state’s office. Follow the instructions to complete the articles of incorporation form. Include a statement stating the corporation’s objective. List the names and addresses of the holding company’s inaugural board of directors. Lastly submit the documents.

Requirements to form a Holding company

The state must receive your company’s business name, business agent’s name, and papers of incorporation. If you haven’t already, you should do so for both your holding company and your operational corporation. The articles of incorporation should include the purpose, objective, names of officers, and business decision-making procedure.

Necessary documents

The following details will be obligated on the application form: 

  • Business name, 
  • Address of the registered office, 
  • Codes from the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), 
  • Details of the directors – a minimum of one are necessary, 
  • Shareholders’ details – minimum of one necessary, 
  • Capitalization statement, 
  • Articles of Association and Memorandum, 
  • People in positions of power. 


Form a Holding company in Italy

We provide the best formation solutions so that you can effortlessly start running your business.

Other legal forms in Italy

The following are the several types of companies that can be formed in Italy:

Limited liability company (LLC), which is the most often used business structure among local entrepreneurs,

Joint-stock company: used by those wishing to engage in large-scale business;

General partnership: an organization with at least two members who share the company’s revenues and liabilities;

Sole proprietorship: the most basic sort of business structure available to single entrepreneurs;

Branch and the representative office: two types of business entities employed by foreign corporations doing business in Italy.

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