Company formation in Italy

In terms of nominal GDP, Italy is the eighth-largest economy in the world in 2016-2020, and the fourth-largest in Europe. Italy has recently taken fresh moves to market itself as a welcoming investment destination for non-EU and EU residents. In fact, from the day we begin the formation procedure, the time frame for forming an Italian business (including getting VAT and opening a bank account) is roughly 15 working days. The VAT number is received before the company is even formed, and the bank account is opened in a matter of days.

Considering Italy

Italy is a very appealing country for foreign investors looking to start a business. This is owing to the long-term success of “made in Italy” products on the global market. In reality, Italy is regarded as the world’s eighth economic power and Europe’s second manufacturing country, with exceptional expertise in crucial areas such as equipment and automation, fashion, and design.

Form a company in Italy

We have an experienced well-trained team of professionals who specialize in advising our clients on the best business set up to implement based on their needs.

Form a business in Italy reliably

The professionals assist in:

Business formation steps

In Italy, there are various options for starting a business. The first step is to contact an expert commercial lawyer for information on VAT, taxes, startup expenses, how to open a branch of a foreign firm in Italy, and the most appropriate legal forms for company registration.


Market research

The very first step in the company formation process in Italy is market research and entry.


Choosing the company name

A smart company name should distinguish you from the competition and communicate what your company and brand stand for and do. A name availability check is required to determine if it is available.


Document preparation

We assist customers in uncontested legal situations by preparing the necessary legal paperwork by Italian government regulations. We give you the integrity and expertise you expect and deserve with all of your document preparation solutions.


Corporate bank account

Our Italian business formation advisors can help you prepare some of the documentation needed to open a corporate bank account.


Tax identification number

The Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to identify persons who are subject to tax requirements. Our professionals will help you obtain it.


License acquisition

Our team of devoted experts ensures that you are properly licensed to run your business.

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Consultation about company formation

We have an experienced well-trained team of professionals who specialize in advising our clients on the best business set up to implement based on their needs.

Form a company by one of the following types of business structure:

Limited Liability Company

The most frequent form of business structure In Italy is a Limited Liability Company. This type of company structure is suitable for almost all business purposes – from commodity trading to asset management.


Our professionals will assist you in understanding the Partnership registration procedure and will lead you through it in a professional manner.

Other formation solutions

Branch Office

Register Branch Office with our professional assistance. Discover our Branch solutions by pressing the button below:

Holding Company

We assist investors from all over the world in establishing a Holding Company in Italy, from start-up through expansion and growth.

Because of its organizational flexibility and restricted responsibility, the S.R.L, a type of limited liability corporation, is the most extensively utilized in Italy. Although it was originally designed for small enterprises, it is currently also utilized by much larger and more active companies.

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