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A branch office is one of the most efficient corporate business structures accessible to a company wishing to grow globally. Businesses looking to expand and profit from new markets around the world must carefully choose whether to create a subsidiary or a branch in Italy of their existing company, taking into account the benefits and drawbacks of each.

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Branch office registration conditions

Companies operating in Italy must register a series of legal documents with the Italian government. Investors in a branch office will be required to give information about the parent firm as well as other documentation attesting to the branch’s incorporation.

Required documents

Required documents to register branch office: 

  • The parent company’s registration certificate. 
  • The company’s certificate of incorporation and articles of association and memorandum. 
  • The names of the company’s secretary and appointed directors (at least one director is necessary). 
  • Proof of having a registered office through which the branch will conduct its commercial activities in Italy. 


We help make these documents available. 

Benefits of Branch office in Italy

A dependent form of a firm is a branch office, which means that its activities are managed by the parent company in terms of decision-making. A branch office provides a high level of authority in many European nations, including Malta, Italy, and Luxembourg.

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