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The majority of business owners are ill-equipped to handle the sale of their firm on their own. Buyers of businesses may also seek advice in determining which firm best fits their objectives and how to acquire it. As certified business brokers, we will save the buyer and seller time, resources, and costly mistakes by supporting them through each stage of this arduous business transfer procedure. Every stage must be meticulously detailed for all parties engaged in the transaction to make informed decisions.

Types of business transfers

The three major options are transferring ownership to a family member, a non-family person, or selling the company through a sale, management buy-out, management buy-in, or voluntary liquidation.

Transfer business ownership

The transfer of ownership of a firm from one individual to another is referred to as a transfer of ownership.

Transfer business assets

The process of moving assets from one company to another is known as a business asset transfer.

Transfer business material portion

Any component of the movable property whose “market price” reaches 10% of the initial price when reassigned is called the handover of the corporate material portion.

Transfer agreement and documents

A Transfer Agreement is a legal document that allows one business to sell all of its assets and obligations to another. It takes the form of a purchase and transfer of ownership agreement and includes details about the firm and the assets being sold. 

To transfer a business, one or more of the following legal documents may be required: 

  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement, 
  • A Personal Financial Statement Form must be completed by the buyer, 
  • Purchase Contract (Offer-to-Purchase), 
  • A word concerning the transfer’s financial aspects, 
  • Financial statements for the preceding two to three years and the two to three years before that. 


We can help you prepare these documents in a timely and accurate manner. 

Key points of business transfer

The following are the most important considerations to make before transferring your business:  

  • The procedures cost, time, and requirements, 
  • Types of reassignments that suits your demands, 
  • The market value of your company, 
  • The market value of all assets, 
  • Informing the employees about the assignment, 
  • The corporate goals of the buyer match your goals.   

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We save time, money, and costly mistakes by assisting the buyer and seller through each stage of this difficult business transfer process. Every step of the transaction must be meticulously documented for all parties to make educated decisions.

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